When this, you see remember me

When this, you see remember me, and, bare, me in, your mind let, all, the, world say, what they, will speak of me, as, you find
— Anonymous

This is one of the sayings that appear on convict love tokens . You can see it on this token. I was a bit unsure if these sayings should be attributed to the convict (where known), but anonymous seems more fitting as I assume the origin of these words is unknown.

What we do know, though, is that these words were meaningful for the individual convict who had them engraved on a token for their loved ones. In history the voices of the disadvantaged can be hard to hear. Convict love tokens are one of those rare historical sources where the dominant voices are not the winners but the losers. This makes them very special.

Do you agree?

This posting has been produced using content from the National Museum of Australia’s Convict love tokens interactive.


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