Australian history winner, Atomic Thunder: The Maralinga Story

In December The history spark hopes to highlight history books that might be good for filling the Christmas stockings of history enthusiasts or hunting down for holiday reading.

History awards seem to be one way of discovering history books that you might want on your reading list.

In Australia, the premier award for Australian history is the Prime Minister’s Prize for Australian history, which was merged into the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards in 2012.

Last Friday (1 December 2017) the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards were announced. The Australian history winner was Atomic Thunder: The Maralinga Story by Elizabeth Tynan.

The book is a comprehensive account of Maralinga — shorthand for the nuclear tests carried out between 1952 and 1963 in Australia by the British Government, with the agreement and support of the Australian Government. Why Maralinga? That was the key testing site, a very remote area in South Australia, but home to Indigenous Australians.

I would really like to understand Maralinga more so will be adding this book to my reading list. Congratulations to Elizabeth Tynan!

Do you think history awards are a good way to discover history books? Or do you have another way of finding books for your reading list?

Atomic thunder


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