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What is a convict love token?

This month I have been writing about Convict love tokens at the National Museum of Australia.

What is a convict love token? These tokens are coins that were smoothed and engraved with messages of affection. Convicts that were transported from England would use the tokens, as a memento, to leave with their loved ones. They are also called leaden hearts.

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The Valentine, 1876


History, where are the women?

More women for the Australian Dictionary of Biography

My blog post History, this time its personal highlighted what a great resource the Australian Dictionary of Biography (ADB) is for exploring Australian history. One aspect, though, that needs to be acknowledged is its gender imbalance — about 1,500 females are documented, compared to about 11,000 males.

To improve the gender balance the ADB has decided to add 1,500 new entries to the dictionary, of notable women who lived during the colonial period. As a first step, they are compiling a list of possible candidates for inclusion.

If you would like to nominate women of the colonial period for possible entries in the ADB, you can send their names to ncb@anu.edu.au with a brief summary of the woman’s achievements and date of birth and death if known.

Please let us know if you have a nomination for the ADB to consider?